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Good thinking sparks action.

What is Blue Flame Thinking? It’s a different take on solving today’s marketing challenges, ours. You’ll find it infused in the articles below—the type of kindling that will keep your intellectual fires burning brightly.


Andrew Swanson

Andrew Swanson has spent the past five years helping clients find their better by developing successful social media strategies for the entertainment, financial, CPG and hospitality industries.

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Andrew Swanson's recent posts

Build a Community and Strengthen Your Brand Loyalty

Andrew Swanson | Aug. 27, 2015

For social community managers, it is always important to find inventive ways to engage existing followers and entice new ones. Strengthening social community ties is crucial to creating passionate and loyal members. But, how do you find that right approach? Pentair, a global pool and equipment manufacturer, decided to test the waters, and Blue Flame Thinking helped them implement a unique strategy that united customers and reenergized the brand. Here are some of the ideas we kept in mind as we were building.


Byline Bank Leverages Social Media to Keep Connected With Customers

Andrew Swanson | Aug. 27, 2015

With its new brand identity, Byline Bank is ready to author the next chapter in its 100-year-long connection to the Chicago neighborhoods it calls home.


Holiday Service and Cheers

Andrew Swanson | Jan. 08, 2015

This past December, our Chicago and Grand Rapids offices took time to volunteer and give back to the local community. This year, our team members spent time packing, painting, decorating and contributing to support local charities and individuals.


Social Media for Firms of All Shapes and Sizes

Andrew Swanson | Oct. 02, 2014

What does social media mean to your business?

Do you see it as a powerful component of your overall marketing strategy? Does it strike fear in the minds of your PR and HR departments at the possibility of an information leak or failed compliance?