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Using Analytics, Data and SEO to Maximize Your Returns

Josh Stauffer | Apr. 02, 2015

Are you getting the most out of your marketing data? Do you wonder if your digital efforts measure up to companies, like Amazon, who have limitless data to mine?

Without a doubt, data mined from your digital assets is vital to ensure your efforts yield the maximum payoff, regardless of your organization’s size. But, how do you use those analytics to make the right decisions for your firm?

Ask the experts at Blue Flame Thinking.

Our Analytics/SEO team can give you unique, tailored approaches to developing and implementing successful data strategies. We take the time to understand your company’s current digital footprint and campaign goals. Then, we uncover insights from your data to optimize all the digital touchpoints your brand has with your target.

No two organizations have the same goals and challenges. If you're trying to reallocate your digital spend to your most effective properties in a down market, analytics can help you identify them. Maybe you need to grow your business with more effective digital strategies; data and insights can help there as well.

See how our analytical expertise and embedded curiosity have led to results for other clients: http://bit.ly/1XhceUK



Josh Stauffer

Josh Stauffer

Josh has been developing software and websites for Fortune 500 companies for 12 years. As the Executive Vice President of User Experience, he manages and drives Blue Flame Thinking's digital practices from concept through development.